User acceptance testing for quality you can trust

We offer complete front end (black box) and automated testing on a variety of application types and sizes. Our QA Engineers will seamlessly position themselves within the client’s team to provide rapid feedback and detailed information regarding encountered issues. We are not limited to websites or web applications QA, but offer testing on Android and iOS apps, along with a multitude of other devices and platforms.

Working with us

We have extensive experience with a variety of products and testing scenarios. Whether your product and team require high amounts of documentation or you’d just like to focus on exploratory testing techniques, we can accommodate your unique needs. Expect constant and relevant communication with our team in daily updates including detailed bug reports and test case pass/fail data. We don’t confine ourselves to one “silver bullet” testing strategy. We will analyze a product and a client’s needs to determine the needed strategy. We’re flexible in execution and we obsess over the utilization of contemporary testing techniques.

How we work

From large projects to small, our team has vast experience testing the following: E-Commerce sites, enterprise solutions, iOS/Android applications, web applications, various mobile proofs of concept and bluetooth protocol-mobile app products. Almost all projects involve the following types of testing:

  • Front end testing

    This is testing done through the application’s user interface.

  • Compatibility testing

    We maintain a collection of the devices that are currently dominating the marketplace and running the most relevant OS’s. We are capable of testing across all major web browsers to ensure your product operates as intended in a variety of environments.

  • Functional testing

    By understanding the requirements and intended behavior of the application, our team will undertake a variety of testing methodologies to ensure functionality is working as intended.

  • User scenario testing

    We will analyze your product to determine the most likely ways users will use and interact with the product. We will also determine and test fringe cases to ensure that development has covered as many use cases as possible.

  • Test cases

    We write test cases and test charters based off of the requirements of the application. We use Zephyr as our test case management tool.

  • Exploratory testing

    Exploratory testing is one of the most efficient and effective ways to get your developers’ and product owners’ feedback. It is not just about blindly clicking around; in fact, our skilled testers will use their experience and knowledge of your product to test the application under a variety of circumstances without the constraints that rigid test cases may cause.

  • Automation

    Automated regression tests are executed on every deployment and will provide your team with quick feedback.


Member Based Commerce

While not as complex as some enterprise systems, e-commerce sites do contain many requirements that are imperative to the end user’s experience. Automated Testing became an essential tool in verifying critical areas of the site such as adding to a cart and checking out. Additionally, exploratory testing gave assurance that that the system fully met the user’s expectations. A wide variety of cross browser and device testing were at the forefront of the testing plan.

Our approach

Our approach is flexible and tailor made to fit the needs of your team and the product. Not every product is the same, and all timelines are not created equal. Therefore, we will work closely with your team to define a testing strategy and approach that works for you. We can provide and create as much or as little documentation as you would like (or as necessary for the project’s timeline and other needs). Is documentation critical to the product? Our team can create scripted test cases, exploratory test charters and provide reporting on both.

Our detailed bug reports are aimed at providing your developers with the necessary information to reproduce, track down and fix the reported issue quickly. By reducing the communication feedback loop, a well written, thorough bug report can equate to huge time savings for your development team. In addition to detailed bug reports, you will also receive daily updates from your QA Lead so your team will never be in the dark regarding how our time was spent, and most importantly what our gut feeling is regarding the state of the product we are testing. Each day will wrap up with daily recap.

Why US Appers?

We have extensive experience and knowledge over a large variety of products and we focus on utilizing contemporary testing techniques aimed at providing rapid feedback (Session based testing, exploratory testing, user scenario testing). While we do utilize automation, we emphasize testing with real devices. Our entire team is obsessed with mobile technology. This obsession allows us to understand the importance of testing on real devices under real situations. No emulator can replace testing on what your target market will be using. Utilizing real market data, we determine what devices and OS versions are relevant now and at the time of launch. We work one step ahead. Due to the large variety of products we’ve tested we’re able to predict common problems prior to it ever being an issue in production.

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